Ethiopia Takes Another Hit for Enhanced Spy Program

Cyber Security, East Africa  |  03.25.15   By admin

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Apparently, the NSA isn’t the only digital spy agency under fire. According to a new report published by Privacy International and, a German company helped the Ethiopian government build its capacity to spy on its own citizens. It’s the latest in a series of reports about the East African nation’s outsized internal surveillance programs. According to the report, the German surveillance firm Trovictor “provided equipment to Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service in 2011 and offered to massively expand the government’s ability to intercept and store internet protocol traffic across the national telecommunications backbone.” Trovicor pledged to double the government’s surveillance capacity.

Before that, Ethiopian officials also contracted with Siemens Pte and its British partner Gamma Group International, seller of the controversial Finfisher malware suite, which officials used to target government dissidents, according to the report. “Together, the companies and their Lebanese offshore subsidiaries helped one of Africa’s most repressive governments spy on one of its largest populations,” the report concluded. The report: . And a flashback to last month’s Citizen Lab report that tools developed by the Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team were being used to target Ethiopian journalists in the U.S.:


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